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What is MedBoard?

MedBoard is much more than a platform, it is a single and integrated platform and search engine that organises information in the medical device industry, and make it fast accessible, integrated, and useful, creating also tools and analyses that companies and professionals needs. We appreciate how dispersed is the information and we focus on saving you time, and providing you the most relevant information for your needs.

Why would you miss finding this information in a sliced and relevant manner?

 >  500,000 Combined Results  >  5,000 Medical Devices Terms to search  >  20,000 Paragraphs  > 20,000 Assoc. Information

Who is using MedBoard already?

We already serve and help a number of stakeholders groups in the medical industry, from multi-billion companies, to small companies. These are our customer types so far:


Giant Medical Devices companies Large Pharmaceuticals SMEs Consulting Companies Suppliers


 'At Xiros we have found MedBoard to be particularly useful at disseminating regulatory information throughout the company. The ease of access to the regulation, search functions and clear explanations/visuals mean that those not otherwise conversant with the regulations can easily gain clarity on any issue. For the Xiros regulatory team, it has been a particularly useful tool in planning our transition to meet the requirements of EU MDR 745/2017 and after transition we envisage it will remain a key regulatory resource for the team to ensure our continued compliance.' Kate Cole, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Xiros Ltd

'When I was introduced to Medboard tool, I was not fully convinced. I thought it was just a keyword search tool. But when I started to use it, I saw all the quantity of information that comes from one search which served me on my blog. This is really the Google search for the Medical Device Regulation.'  Monir El Azzouzi, Easy Medical Device blog owner and J&J Quality Operation Manager

'A very efficient way of navigating through the new EU MDR to find the information I require, identifying the relevant annexes and highlighting the differences from the MDD' R&D Manager, SME Medical Devices

'Impressive, why this did not exist before? Incredibly impressed with its capability and particularly usability' Regulatory Affairs Director, Large Medical Devices company


Its value has also been recognised by leading Medical Devices industry organisations:

MedBoard has collaboration agreements with:                                 MedBoard has been featured in the Medilink UK Magazine: 


MedBoard offers a new approach to deal with large number of information and data in the medical device sector. Our innovative algorithm and functional design allows the user to get faster to the relevant information. Our platform consists of 4 areas:

  1. Latest NEWS: Worldwide Medical Devices Authorities (Official News), EU MDR and EU IVDR News, MedBoard platform updates, News archives, and more. We have created a process that tracks and updates News every day, so our users are kept informed always in a timely manner. When there is a new publication, it is searchable in the search engine by its title the following day, and when there is an update in a regulation, it is updated accordingly in the platform (e.g. CFR 21 Title updates)

  2. OFFICIAL Information: Regulations, Guidance, Technical and Legal requirements, Standards, and more, including integrated content and requirements, GAP analyses, correlations and visuals. Currently we fully cover EU, USA, and many other countries.

  3. EXPERTS Information: Content, courses, events from third-party experts like organisations, consultants or suppliers. 

  4. TOOLS: GAP analysis, Correlations, Sharing functions, Notes, Export functions, and many more. This saves companies a lot of time processing information for their projects.

All the above is integrated in a unique search engine and algorithm that MedBoard have created, slicing the data and targeting only the relevant data to the search, and where the information is displayed in a digital and intuitive navigation. 

The search engine has +5,000 keywords to search for, providing suggestions as the user types letters. Currently, there are more than 500,000 possible combined results, and these are provided organised by the area or document where they are found. All the above drive the users and content in a more meaningful way than any other current alternative. 

Persons or organisations interested in learning more about MedBoard or in evaluating its benefits (particularly the time saving when searching for information) are most welcome to gain access to this useful search engine; just apply at the website.

MedBoard is available to companies and individuals through an annual subscription which includes any new content additions and functionality upgrades during the subscription period. We have several subscription options, suited to different company needs - register and contact our team to learn more.



The Company

MedBoard is composed of individuals with technical and business expertise, and many years of experience in the medical device sector. We are based in the UK, with reach and presence in Europe, and internationally.

If interested or in case of any question, we are here to help, you can contact us any time on the email address or request a demo.

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